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Gray_Auk: And you can use xforcevesa will xforcevesa allow me to connect to the net? Gray_Auk: With xorg waht would xforcevesa do? Gray_Auk: I mean with your network card. ok realtek video card? would it just use the alt. screen instead of the screen currently being used? Hello, how do you configure network printers to start on boot in 13.10? in ubuntu 13.04 I was using /etc/cups/cupsd.conf but I don't see such file in 13.10 OerHeks: yes, I have a realtek geforce fx 5500 or so Gray_Auk, yeah, switch to xorg on manual. !nomodeset A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See on how to use this parameter good start OerHeks: I could try that. I'm actually using the computer I'm on now in ubuntu live cd. I was trying to get xorg to recognize my geforce gt 520m hi. I accidentally removed my desktop's notification area, but it's still there and functional, and it's in the task bar. When I right-click it, I see things like "Hamburger Menu" but not the regular menu for the app. How do I get the regular menu back? but when I add xforcevesa it says no screens found I'm going to try what you said, thanks. hopefully I can fix this bad situation Gray_Auk, you are using a propritary driver now, not the open source one?




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Camersoft Fake Webcam V3108 Crack By LAXiTY daisvan

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