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Consumers are spending more time than ever on social media networks and platforms. According to We Are Social, a digital analytics firm, the average Indian spends 1.7 hours on social media platforms every day, while a recent report by the non-profit organization Common Sense Media found that teens spend nine hours each day consuming digital media.

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Social media ads have three 'keys'. They must be: Interesting, have some value or be Amusing if you want your audience to engage.

Benefits of social media Marketing

  • Faster and easier content spreading

  • Increased brand awareness and brand recognition

  • Higher lead generation and lead conversion

  • Regular interaction with the target audience

  • Industry, marketplace, and competitors insights

  • Increased website traffic

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  • Elite Understanding

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  • Down to earth working style

  • Business fundamental

  • Width of offerings

Crawlya is an India-based integrated Digital Marketing service provider. We are committed to creative and innovative digital strategies that enhance brand interactions. We further assist clients with focusing their digital marketing efforts by enhancing Search Engine Optimisation, Website strategy and Social Media Marketing.

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